Welcome to the A to Z of Sex® podcast. I'm your host, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

I have been making this show since 2016. We are working our way through the erotic alphabet one letter at a time.



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20th May, 2024

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About the Podcast

The A to Z of Sex
The A to Z of Sex Podcast
Welcome to the A to Z of Sex! Each week I explore a letter of the erotic alphabet, covering topics from arousal to zipless f*cks. While exploring, you will learn more about desire, how to express your desires and how to spice up your relationships and create that long lasting sizzling hot relationship you have always wanted. My guests and I will share solid science, practical techniques and real life stories. We’ll answer the questions you have been too embarrassed to ask and talk about the down and dirty details that can make or break that intimate experience. . Knowledge gives you the power to create relationships that bring you satisfaction and joy. Join me, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey, The Intimacy Coach, weekly on the A to Z of Sex podcast and discover the many layers and many flavours of sex and sexuality and how to apply these to your intimate relationships. To find out more, read the companion blog and connect with me go to www.atozofsex.com.

About your host

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Lori Beth Bisbey

Dr Lori Beth Bisbey® is a psychologist, sex & intimacy coach, accredited advance GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) therapist (Pink Therapy), speaker, media personality, author & podcast host who has been working with people since for more than 30 years to help them create and maintain meaningful relationships with sizzling sex (without the shame). She has expertise in the treatment of trauma and GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity). Dr Lori Beth spends a lot of time working with people who want to try or already live as consensually non-monogamous or in authority transfer based relationships (BDSM and/or kink) or both. The A to Z of Sex® (her main podcast) has been running since October 2016. From 2019-2021, there were live broadcasts on the Health & Wellness Channel of VoiceAmerica.com. Dr Lori Beth Bisbey is the resident specialist relationship therapist on Channel 4's Open House: The Great Sex Experiment.